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A North Carolina Based, Christian, Full-Service Marketing & Design Agency.

Generate Leads, Book Appointments, Close Deals.

Here at Carolinas Web Design, we don’t just build great-looking websites. We build websites that are structured specifically for local businesses to turn web visitors, into paying customers. We turn those meaningless clicks you hear so much about, into qualified leads. The same marketing and lead generation tactics I use in my business, the same strategy I used to break past $18,000 in net profit last month, are used in each of my client’s websites.

Why do I do this?… Because me and you… we. don’t. compete… We’re in different industries, why wouldn’t I.

No, I don’t just make your website with the marketing and lead generation tactics I’ve spent years perfecting out of the goodness of my heart…

I’m here to make money, and provide for my family, just like you are.

But, I know that if I give you a website… that not only looks amazing, but actually makes you money, you won’t think twice about signing up for our other marketing packages down the line, you won’t hesitate to refer me to your friends or family… because you know it works.

That’s how I do it… That’s how I turn a $2,000 sale, into a $15,000 sale… CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Our websites don’t just look good… Every site we make is optimized to the letter for lead generation and Google organic search engine optimization.


When you want a product or service, what do you do? Exactly! You Google it! We help clients rank higher for search terms in their cities of operation. An example would be, “Roofing company charlotte”.


You may have found us through one of our Facebook ads! If you did, I’m sure you already realize the power of utilizing these platforms correctly.

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