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The marketplace has been shifting from brick and mortar to online for years.

Small businesses closing, mom and pop shops disappearing left and right.

We are in the 2nd industrial revolution, this is the revolution of online information and business.

Of course, this post comes off as biased because we are a marketing and web design company, but if you don’t want to take our word for it, look around. How many small businesses have closed around you this year… 

I drive through downtown Greensboro and see places I grew up going to, closing their doors for good.

This has happened many times throughout history, not just in business but in countries and empires.

The dynamic of how humans live changes rapidly, and the people who don’t adapt get driven out or taken over.

This is why we’ve seen such an increase in business over the last couple of months, this rapid change along with COVID regulations, limiting of businesses, restrictions, lockdowns…

People are realizing that if they don’t develop a sound marketing plan to reach customers online they won’t survive, people aren’t just walking around as much, they aren’t going into stores as much.

Everything you can get in-person is now online. It’s easier, it’s faster, it’s cheaper.

You can’t blame the customer for choosing the best possible option, you can’t blame the marketplace for changing, unfortunate things happen to us in business, we have to roll with the punches.

We have to take life by the reigns, if there isn’t an option, we make one.

If we can’t do it, we partner with someone who can.

I take this very seriously, the money your business brings in feeds your children, pays your rent or mortgage, allows you to continue to chase your dreams just like I’m chasing mine.

I’m not here to pitch you our website or marketing services in this post, of course, I want to make money, and of course, I’m going to tell you our service is the best because I believe it is.

But whether you work with us, or with someone else, something has to be done to keep our dreams alive, to keep the businesses we know and love open and serving our community.

I don’t want to go to Walmart or Amazon every time I need something. I want to shake hands with a wise old man that’s been in business for 40 years and loves waking up every morning.

If you want our help it’s here, if not I seriously hope you work with someone else whoever it may be.

Because the people who aren’t adapting, are getting driven out. I’m tired of it.

Thank you all for reading, much love. God bless.