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Here at Carolinas Web Design, we operate out of Greensboro, North Carolina but service clients up and down the east coast. Yes! This includes our next-door neighbors in Winston Salem, NC.

We focus on providing the sweet spot between value and price to our clients. Where you no longer have to spend 10 grand on a professional website or marketing. We have packages starting at $795, and offer grant programs to solo startup entrepreneurs in low-income areas, as well as grants to single mothers.

SEO Winston Salem

Not only do we offer mobile responsive website design to our clients in Winston Salem, but we also provide Google Organic Search SEO Ranking services. Many of our clients are just looking for a website and we’re happy to help. However, due to my own success with ranking my own business, I’ve had an influx of people asking for it!

This service provides our clients with the optimization necessary to rank in Google for keywords related to their business, we work with a lot of contractors and of course, we can’t give out client names but, “Roofing Company Winston Salem ” is an example of something a potential client would look up in google. This service pushes our clients to the top of the results, bringing in qualified leads who are actively looking for your services and are ready to buy.

Web Design Winston Salem NC

Okay, Austin, your websites look good, so what!

Well now that you mention it, we focus on lead generation and sales tactics within our client’s websites themselves just as much as we focus on branding them and providing a professional look.

The branding and look we provide for our clients builds trust and builds a brand, but it’s the contact forms, the call-to-action buttons, the instant lead generation funnels and marketing tactics we build into the websites are what makes our clients the money.

Leads, translate into conversations. Conversations, turn into sales. Sales, turn into lifetime partnerships.

We know what’s at stake, we tried doing it the easy way 7 years ago. We had to fail, fall, and get back up over and over again to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

The same sales funnels I use in my business and marketing will be the same ones I provide to you.

#1 Because they are actively working for me and have allowed me to break 5 figures per month.

#2 Because me and you aren’t in competing industries. Now if you’re a marketing or design agency, I’m sorry but for obvious reasons, we won’t give you our marketing funnels and advertising strategies. You’re a competitor!

But, since you’re not a marketing or design agency, we don’t mind sharing and implementing everything we have discovered by ourselves, into your website we provide for you.

Social Media Marketing Winston Salem NC

70-80% of the leads and revenue coming into my business right now are through social media paid ads.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars to figure out how to convert someone who has never heard of us before, into a paying customer who is well informed about our product and is genuinely excited to do business with me.

I’ve cracked the code and now instead of just designing websites, I can expand my range of services into marketing, because I have proof.

I’ve always wanted to provide marketing services for people because I really enjoy it, but I felt guilty about trying to offer that as a service to people until I could do it for myself and break 10k per month.

Now that I’ve broken 5 figures per month, I am beyond excited to offer social media marketing services to my clients with a clear conscience, knowing I can produce results.

For all of the clients I turned down on social media marketing deals in the past, I apologize but I just felt that until I reached that 5 figure per month number I wasn’t qualified to do so.

If you were one of the clients that asked for the service in the past, we will offer a 10% discount as a token of our appreciation for your continued support of my business.